We have had a mixed spring with plenty of rain, and perhaps cooler than usual conditions. This dampish weather can cause blackspot to occur on roses. This problem can be controlled by using ‘rose spray’ after a period of rain purchase from your local garden centre. Some shrubs are already losing their flowers, shrubs such as flowering currants and forsythia for example will benefit from a good prune now, especially if they are becoming misshapen.
If you are a keen gardener you may have grown from seed this winter, and are now seeing the fruits of your labour, carefully prick out these seedlings to grow on in larger pots or grow out in the final flowering position.

When pricking out seedlings make sure to hold the leaves and never the stem to avoid causing damage. A thought to remember though when you are doing this make sure that you consider that although the days are getting warmer the nights are still quite chilly and frost can cause havoc on new plants, consider purchasing a roll of horticultural fleece from your local garden centre or even covering with some old newspaper will do.