The most effective way of dealing with pests in the garden is to make sure the garden is clean of debris and hiding places for pests and disease. In reality it’s much harder than this but some inexpensive tips can really help. For example make sure your soil that you plant in is enriched with good quality compost to naturally fertilize your soil, this will make your soil that much more healthy and able to compete against many fungal diseases.

Also as previously mentioned remove all garden waste including weeds, including leaves and branches from and around your garden, slugs snails and other creepy crawlies will love nothing better to make a home here, and they usually also like to feast on your plants and vegetables. If you plan on growing under glass this summer ensure your cold frame or glass house is clean at all times.

People are often amazed at how clean my glass house is and it’s simply because the cleaner the area is the less chance of disease spreading. When watering your glass house limit this to either early morning or late at night away from direct sunlight to prevent both disease and the burning of foliage from the sun. Many of these tips are simple to implement and natural by avoiding chemical sprays.

Some insects such as ladybugs are excellent protectors of the garden as their favourite snack is Aphids, make sure to plant some daisies in your garden, where you find daisies you will also find ladybugs. Finally make sure not to throw out your soapy water from the wash basin, instead throw this over your vegetable plants, if there are any insects which can cause harm to your vegetables they will fall straight off.

Happy Gardening!