Summer Roses

Now that summer is around the corner one of the sights and smells of the summer garden are garden roses. Taking care of roses is relatively easy with a few simple tips. Firstly make sure to use plenty of mulch.

Mulch is fairly easy to come by and if you have a compost bin or plenty of autumn leaves and grass clippings you can make your own! Mulch will ensure the soil around your roses stays cool and moist and also works as an effective weed barrier. The number one benefit of mulch is that the rotting organic matter provides important nutrients ensuring your roses are more likely to stay vibrant and healthy throughout the season.

Many people dread the thought of pruning roses, after all they can be awfully prickly to handle, although this may take some practice its benefits for the plants are second to none and take into consideration that even if you get it wrong at first unlike many other species it’s awfully hard to kill a rose. The benefits of pruning include improving air circulation, removing dead wood from the plant, and encouraging new growth. So give it a go!