Importance of proper watering

Now July is upon us it is important to water thoroughly once or twice a week, especially in warm dry weather. Watering is best carried out early in the morning or later in the evening away from the sun’s direct glare as so not to risk burning the foliage. If you have plat containers remember that these are more likely to require additional watering as they are more likely to dry out faster.

If you have recently planted some shrub species in the spring as mid-summer takes hold watering is essential to ensure good root and growth development, in some cases especially with species of Azalea and Hydrangea’s leave a hose pipe at the base of the plant for an hour or so to give it a good soaking.In addition to watering the inclusion of mulch around plants is a great benefit to retaining moisture this is readily available in bags from your local garden centre.

A word of caution many plants such as camellias and rhododendron the acid loving shrub species you may have planted do not like lime, which is often abundant in tap water. Instead use rain water collected in water butts or any odd container you may have and left out in the garden. This is good for your plants and the environment!

Most of your planting this season will have been done, it’s not advisable to plant in very dry weather but nonetheless if you follow these tips you are more likely to be successful and also have health plants

  • Water new plants in well
  • When planting new plants first fill the hole with some water and allow to soak away
  • Soak the root ball in water
  • Fill the hole with soil and tap gently, applying some water around the edges with a watering can

These watering tips will help to ensure you get the best out of your plants in dry weather this summer.