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19 Sep 2016


The weather can be temperamental this month, but there is still plenty to do when we can get outdoors. You may also notice that your garden may be reaping all the hard work you put in earlier on in the year. September can be a month of warm showers, so unfortunately still plenty of weeding to be done, so keep the garden tools out for a little longer!
If you’re a fan of growing fruit you should have plenty of raspberries this month to put on your cereal in the mornings or on ice cream! Unfortunately other crops including beans, tomatoes and cucumbers may begin to slow down and will require clearing soon.
Unfortunately as the summer comes to an end there is obviously shorter days, but the month of September often involves plenty of work that would be done throughout the summer, notably weeding, and grass cutting. It’s important that this task is continued well into the month in order to keep your garden looking great well into later autumn.

25 Aug 2016


Keeping the garden to a high standard over the summer moths can be a hard process. At this time of year heading into August, it is important to regularly water and liquid feed your plants. Pests can also be busy munching through your hard work, and slug damage in wet warm weather is a regular occurrence so ensure there is adequate pellets applied regularly. If you don’t want to apply slug pellets saw dust of builder’s sand is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly method.
Make sure to deadhead species of flowers especially roses to encourage continuous flowering well into the autumn. Species pf plant which are easy to grow and flower well into the season include cornflower and poppies.
At this time of year you may find a healthy stockpile of green waste building up in your garden, ensure this does not go to waste, instead build a homemade compost heap by using some left over wooden boards and nail together creating a box shape, this is a great way of storing vital nutrients to apply to your garden later on in the year.